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Golden Garcia

Win-Loss: 10(5KO)-0-1
Age: 28
Category: Super Featherweight
Stance: Orthodox
Place of Residence: Montreal
Nationality: Canadian

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Born and raised in Montreal, Golden Garcia comes from a family where discipline is an important value and where everyone must do their part.

However, he admits that as a youth he was not the greatest student and he had his share of street fights. Then came the boxing match everyone wanted to see, a battle between two superstars, Oscar De La Hoya vs Julio Cesar Chavez. The fight captivated young Garcia but it was not the winner, De La Hoya, who impressed him as much as Chavez.

In a battle where Chavez was cut badly and dominated by the younger De La Hoya, but Chavez displayed amazing courage by refusing to surrender. That was Garcia’s seminal boxing moment, and soon after he began training at the local gym. There were no more street fights, and Garcia applied himself in the classroom. He finally discovered a way to control his emotions, channel his energy, and learn the value of discipline and success.

Thus, began the boxing journey of Golden Garcia, “blue collar boxer,” because of his work ethic and his day job, working on construction sites. For Garcia, the discipline of boxing helps him with his career and his future goals. He puts aside the distractions and foregoes time with friends and family, but that means he appreciates those moments when they happen even more. It also means steady progress and future success. According to Golden, sport prepares you for the tests that life brings you, tests which sometimes hurt more than a hard left hook.

Eventually, Golden met Otis and Howard Grant and they quickly integrated him into their amateur boxing program. He continued to work and learn and refine his ring style while accumulating victories. The Grant brothers, along with trainer Jesse Ross Thompson, helped him to progress but eventually Otis Grant advised Garcia to turn pro where his aggressive style would be better rewarded. It was time to move on to the next challenge.

In June of 2014 on the undercard of one of Francis Lafrenière’s fights, Golden Garcia, with the confidence and proficiency of a seasoned veteran, won his pro debut in impressive fashion. The performance did not go unnoticed and shortly after Eric Kerub of Rixa Promotions signed a contract with the young prospect. It has proven a successful association as Garcia has since won seven straight fights, his skills only getting better and sharp every time out.

His last two contests featured Garcia’s most impressive performances to date. In September of 2016 he faced Jesus Perez of Mexico, a tough veteran who was known to be a “spoiler” for young, undefeated prospects. It was a close battle for four rounds and Perez appeared to have a slight advantage before Garcia responded to the situation and took control, attacking with fury in round five and scoring a brutal knockout win. It was an impressive display of killer instinct and knockout power, and Garcia then followed it up with an entertaining slugfest win over tough Maximino Toala in January.

With Rixa Promotions backing him, Golden looks to the future with great optimism, his sights now set on winning a title belt in the near future. With his all-action style, his popularity is increasing rapidly in Montreal and it is only a matter of time before the name of Golden Garcia becomes a familiar one to boxing fans across the country.

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